Friday, November 4, 2011

What Colts QB Peyton Manning said today

For Colts fans, it's been a nightmare season. 0 - 8 and no word if future Hall of Fame Quarterback, Peyton Manning will return.

You know it has to be frustrating for Manning. He wants to be out there playing and trying to reverse the losing ways.

Phillip B. Wilson of talks with Peyton Manning about the season and his hopes on playing again this season: What Colts QB Peyton Manning said today

Here is an excerpt: "I’ll offer perspective in another blog post. Just straight talk, here’s what Colts QB Peyton Manning said today about his ongoing recovery from neck fusion surgery, his third procedure in 19 months. Manning spoke in front of his locker at the team’s West 56th Street complex.

“Nothing earth-shattering, just two months today since my surgery. Not a whole lot to report. Still waiting for the fusion to take place. That takes place, they thought, between two and three months. Still going slow with that. I still have some of the same issues I had before the fusion as far as the nerves and the regeneration. Still dealing with that, the idea being that this surgery gave me the most stability for the nerves to regenerate. That’s still a process there.

“I kind of go a week at a time, try to get a little better each week. Still have some restrictions on what I’m allowed to do. I’m still positive about things improving. I still have some work to do.”

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