Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eagles' McCoy being compared to Sanders

LeSean McCoy is starting to be compared to Barry Sanders.

Of course, with the numbers he is putting up, many can see the comparison. But is it too soon?

Sam Donnellon of PhillyNews.com takes a look at his comparison and gives his thoughts on rather it's appropriate or not. You can read it here: Eagles' McCoy being compared to Sanders

Here is an excerpt: "Especially on a night like Sunday, when a big chunk of the 185 yards he gained against the Cowboys came off improvisation, off his very, very Barry-like ability to make the first man miss. On a night when, by unofficial count, "Barry" was uttered at least four times. And on a night when the immediate disclaimers were not nearly as fervent.

"I don't think anybody should be compared to Barry Sanders at this stage," Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said yesterday. "Barry was pretty unique and LeSean is still kind of making a name for himself. And so that's way too early."

OK, OK, we'll leave out the name and just stick with descriptions. "It doesn't matter where the play is blocked," Sports Illustrated once wrote about Sanders. "He'll find his own soft spot . . . The scheme doesn't matter with Sanders. He can run from any alignment. While other people are stuck with joints, he seems to have ball bearings in his legs that give him a mechanical advantage . . . Sanders' finest runs often occur when he takes the handoff and, with a couple of moves, turns the line of scrimmage into a broken field . . . Nobody has ever created such turmoil at the point of attack as Sanders has . . . Knock on wood, he seems

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