Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jason Campbell: Trade came amid haze

You have to feel sorry for Jason Campbell (well, somewhat feel sorry for him anyways.) When it looked like he found his stride with the Raiders (and considering all the changes he went through in Washington with the Redskins . . .), he goes down with a possible season ending injury. And to make it even worse, the Raiders make a trade for his replacement.

Come to think about it, it might suck to be back up QB Kyle Boller as well.

Bill Williamson of takes a look at how Jason Campbell's world has changed (yet again). You can read it here

Here is an excerpt: "Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell was recovering from surgery to his collarbone early this week as the wheels began to turn on the Carson Palmer trade, a deal that installed Campbell's possible replacement only six games into the second season of what he had considered a "fresh start" to his career.

Campbell, speaking to Bay Area radio station 95.7 FM The Game on Friday, said he was kept out of the loop as the trade was conceived and proposed and didn't discuss it with Raiders coach Hue Jackson before it was completed Tuesday.

"On Sunday night I had some pain pills for my shoulder, so I was pretty much sleeping all night Sunday," Campbell said. "And then Monday I had my surgery, so I was pretty much out of it then."

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