Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cardinals shut down Brewers to take 3-2 series lead

It was a great night to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan, but not so great to be a Milwaukee Brewers fan. 4 errors and it was all an uphill climb. But there is Game 6 in Milwaukee, and the Brewers have been unstoppable at home for the most part.

Dave van Dyck of the L.A. Times breaks down game 5 and what went right for the Cards and what went wrong for the Brew crew here: Cardinals shut down Brewers to take 3-2 series lead

Here is an excerpt: "But now it's the postseason, with Greinke failing Friday night in a 7-1 loss to the Cardinals and Marcum set to bring his postseason 12.46 earned-run average into Sunday's National League Championship Series do-or-die game for the Brewers.

If the Brewers have more than the usual hope, it's because of a potential two games at Miller Park, where two consecutive victories are almost a norm. In fact, they didn't lose two straight games at their retractable dome field until July 4-5.

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